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March 2, 2015>

I signed with a new agency recently & I want to give them some credit here. I have had other agents and business is business. But, Talent Fusion's Scott Tucker is a different breed. Never have I received confirmation that I did NOT get a part or call back. May seem negative, but it isn't at all. Providing me information even when I do not get cast, allows me to open up my calendar to other opportunities. I really appreciate Scott and Talent Fusion's professionalism and personal consideration and highly recommend them!  Here's a link to their webpage:

Link to Talent Fusion website.

February 4, 2015>

"The Things We've Seen"  In the Croplands of America, a town's corruption mirrors the crumbling of an estranged family.  Click the clip below for more scenes from this upcoming feature in which I have been cast. Excited to begin filming this summer!

"The Things We've Seen" dailies link

January 19, 2015>

Here is a little behind the scenes footage from the pitch trailer "The Things We've Seen" shooting with the talented John Carver.

Click here to check it out!

January 16, 2015>

Just a little image to note what a difference character prep, costuming, make-up and
especially lighting can make. Wow!

Comparison image of two characters.

December 28, 2014>

The campaign begins soon for "The Things We've Seen". Check it out by clicking below...

"The Things We've Seen" campaign link

December 6, 2014>

Join me tomorrow when co-star Jarrett Maier and I join directors Tre Manchester and Justin Wolters on The Second City's Chicago "Midnight Parade" talk show/Podcast to discuss the upcoming feature film "The Things We've Seen". For more information check out #ThingsSeen on Twitter. Looking forward to it!

Second City Midnight Parade Image

December 4, 2014>

Completed a 2-day commercial shoot for Avant Healthcare this week, which went well.  And, it doesn't hurt at all that I am booking with a new agency, Talent Fusion, right out of the gate!

November 26, 2014>

Casting is now confirmed for the upcoming feature film "The Things We've Seen", scheduled to film next summer 2015. Actor Randy Ryan (Public Enemies 2008) has been cast in the role of "Rayform Boem", the husband of the character I will be playing, "Ivory Joy Boem".

Actor Randy Ryan cast in "The Things We've Seen"

November 13, 2014>

Here it is! I am proud to share the short film "Anon" by Skyler Lawson, Kassim Norris, and Brenton Oechsle. This short is filmed so beautifully. Click the video below and enjoy!

"Anon" official short film

November 9, 2014>

Co-hosted the Homegrown Hoosier Film Festival this weekend with fellow actor, producer and director Mark A. Nash. Great line-up of films from many talented Indy film-makers.

Hoosier Homegrown Film Festival Poster 2014

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